Sanctuaries Interior Design



Scroll Hijacked Website

Tenderling requested a scroll hijacked website, meaning that unique animations take place based on scroll position. This required a specific Javascript library plus code to time animations according to the provided design and testing feedback.

Responsively Designed

The client also requested a mobile-friendly site. A different team had created a similar website before but without a scroll hijacked mobile version. Artlytical Media was able to create the scroll hijacking website on many devices including mobile without any difference in experience.


Because of the adaptive nature of the scroll-hijacked responsive development, there was a lot of Javascript strewn across many files. Using RequireJS, Artlytical Media was able to combine and optimize the numerous files into a couple compressed Javascript files. Complex and responsive code in a small, fast-loading package!

End-client Editable

Tenderling wanted this built for an end-client to edit via WordPress. That meant wrapping all of the complex functionality around the WordPress framework. It wasn’t easy, but using tools like Timber and ACF Pro, the end-client can edit her site, including updating a separate blog page with different categories, without having to code a thing.