National Widowers’ Organization

National Widowers' Organization


Modern & Responsive Site Update

The National Widowers’ Organization’s old website was a dated looking site that wasn’t designed for mobile. Given that over 50% of web traffic today comes from mobile devices, this was a huge point of failure for their mission to help widowers across the country. The new design, provided by a third-party, was transformed into a responsive WordPress theme by Artlytical Media.

Custom Back-end

Just like many other projects, the custom WordPress theme enabled specific types of data and information to be handled. In the case of the NWO, they needed control over posting specific types of resources for widowers such as helpful blogs, books and links to where to buy them, and videos from the web.

Social Media Management

Following the deployment of the site, Artlytical Media continued the relationship with NWO as the technical manager of their social media presence. In that position, we found ways to integrate today’s technology and social media networks into a strategy that follows their mission.