Sumnicht & Associates, LLC


Design Based on Branding

The iSectors┬« old site was slow, insecure, and disorganized. It also featured a design that was dated and didn’t match the company’s new image. So the site was restructured and redesigned from the ground up based on the content already present. Using Javascript, SVG, and SASS, Artlytical Media was able to match the design of the company’s marketing brochure.

Using Sensitive Content to Generate Sign-ups

Since iSectors specializes in financial advice, a lot of their content should be provided only to advisors. However, the previous site had a messy Network WordPress system that handled it and some content that should’ve been hidden was in plain sight. By using AJAX, ACF Pro, and Timber, Artlytical Media put together a site that hid that content in a seamless way; allowing users to log in and visitors to sign-up without being redirected through the WordPress login page.

Stylized Blog

Because of the popularity of their blog and the volume of content they were producing, it was important to create a stylized blog with multiple sections specifically designed for their content. The branded blog displays to users that they aren’t on just another informational page and gives a more personal yet organized look using special fields to display the authors’ pictures.