Our story

Artlytical Media consists of its founder, full-stack developer, and video producer David Rhoderick and graphic designer and social media manager Tamara Rhoderick. However, Artlytical Media has collaborated with many other teams such as LPBPR, Tenderling, MVesna, Jaffe, and Execupay. Artlytical Media prides itself on the quality of the work produced as well as maintaining excellent communication and responsiveness.

Artlytical Media uses Agile development practices, which involve breaking down large use-cases into smaller, more predictable tasks. The team uses JIRA to coordinate their efforts and track time worked but has used other services such as Trello and DaPulse for other projects. Artlytical Media also uses version control such as git, cloud storage such as Dropbox, and collaborative creation tools such as Google Drive. These tools allow for collaboration as well as numerous points of redundancy should anything happen to the project files/codebase.

Meet the Team

David Rhoderick
Member since 2013

David Rhoderick started programming in high school and excelled even as one of the youngest in the class. He continued his education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York and the School of Visual Arts in New York City in the field of Electronic/Computer Art. This degree combines programming, animation, and robotics with art and music. While studying in New York City, David worked for a start-up called Open Air Publishing creating BetterBooks–multimedia-enabled, adult education eBooks built on the Inkling platform. Since then, he has further dedicated himself to web development and has learned many technologies from back-end development on technologies like WordPress to front-end development using newer technologies like AngularJS and even system administration in running his own customized VPS to deliver optimal results to his clients.

Tamara Rhoderick
Member since 2016

Tamara is dedicated to illustration and design but also graduated as an economist at Educons in Novi Sad. Since then, she worked first with David as a 3D modeler for the jewelry brand NewNow Design based in Novi Sad, which she also helped grow as a social media manager. Tamara is a talented logo designer and now works in that capacity and as a website designer for Artlytical Media.