Custom Mobile and Web Application Services

Are you looking for custom mobile or web application development services? Artyltical Media can do that too! We started out learning OOP in C++ and Java before diving into web development. We create web and mobile applications that share a similar experience and can be deployed across Android, iOS, Blackberry, and other smartphones. This is how Artlytical Media produces custom web applications. Our experience in web app development comes from working with diverse client-base who require different web applications–from interactive infographics to sensor dashboard for engineers. You can find the cost of our services on our pricing page.

Single Page Web Applications

Single page web applications offer fast interactivity and speedy development. If you don’t know what they are, it is a web or mobile application built on in-browser technologies, like Javascript and HTML. The main advantages to using those languages they have a lot of functionality and extendability already and you can deploy your application online or to smartphones. If you’d like a single page application, we can offer services in Iconic development as well as AngularJS and Svelte. Our Las Tablas del Daimiel Interactive Infographic in our portfolio shows off what is capable with single page web applications.

Advanced Javascript Implementation

Custom websites and WordPress themes can include advanced Javascript code to create powerful and unique experiences. Some examples of sites that use more advanced Javascript, think scroll hi-jacked websites, custom animation, fluid interactions, and even 3D rendering. Many of the projects in our portfolio show advanced Javascript implementation.